Saturday, July 14, 2007


Kitty Cat exercising to Walk Away the Pounds++

Nugs is thinking about what work-out he a feline can do. My miracle kitty decided on Leslie Sansoon's Walk Away the Pounds. This cat has put on the pounds over the hot summer so the work-out is helping greatly. I will keep him on the path to healthy cat life.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Not Holiday Kitty Cats!!

Sorry gang for not getting the blogging done. Once again I must reinerate that starting a new business takes much much work.

However, our kitties are getting into as much mischief as they did in the winter. Only they are doing it considerably slower. The degrees has been in the middle 90's so miracle kitties stay indoors mostly.

The cats were nearly given heart attacks during the 4th of July celebration. In our state it is legal to buy and explode firecrackers. And our neighbors went crazy with them.

The kitties spent the entire holiday under the bed. Cats are so terribly senitive to loud sounds. Even the newest member of our family RJ the rug rat dog cried and shook with fear.

Honestly, the loud abrasive noises upset me to. Celebrate they will anyway. But, I like the quiet just like my kitties.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Computer CAT!!

Nugs is checking out the chair to see if it's soft enough for a long stint at the computer. Then he gives the keyboard a once over to see if it's in good operating condition. All is well!

My baby kitty will always find cat and human things to do. Tomorrow he will be testing the cat carrier to see if it's a pleasant ride to the Vet's. I'm guess-NO!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


OH, MY Gosh Another Dog--the CATS are Frantic!!

Just when you thought the canines were out of the picture another comes into cat territory. Poor baby kitties they must share once again with a pesky pup!

Nugs my miracle kitten is the most gentle kitty around. He refuses to scratch that ratty dog. Even when the black minature pole-cat runs over the top of him. Chasing kitties from one end of the house and yard and back again. Now, Beaks growls like a much larger feline, and will make the over-sized rodent scream from kitty scratches. But, the pup is not daunted or dissuaded from going back for more!

If RJ, that's the pups name, would play more catlike instead of bowling down on them like a bull moose in ruting seaon. My baby kittens would learn to love him. He is much to frisky and hands-on for kitties. And unfortunately for the cats he going to stay.

He is not a harmful pup. But, at 6 months old he is all play. Rather rough play at that!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Spiders Beware Here Come the CATS!

A few weeks ago we found this little black spider hanging around the house. After a day or so he was still living and it seemed as if he was enjoying his time as a kitchen spider. In the morning I would find him ambling along the wall near the stove.
I guess it bothered Annie because one day after coming in from work I found Blacky the spider trapped in a jar. So I took the lid off to let him out. And that's when Beaks the not so scared-e-cat -of spiders decided to take a look in the jar. Not being satisfied just watching he dropped the glass on it's side. The braved kitty cat tried in vain to extract Blacky the kitchen Spider. from that glass jar.
If you look real closely at the top right picture the black spot on the floor is Blacky. Nugs is just observing from his sctachin post. Then after thinking it over for a minute or two kitty rushes to cut Blacky off at the pass. But alash the frisky feline is not quick enough.
So, fascinated are the two kittens that they just let Blacky run those eight tiny legs off to cover. He made it to the refrig while the cats sniffed and danced around the kitchen for another 20 minutes trying to flush out the moouching arachnid. Blacky must have found a way back outside becuase he vanished. Along with his memory, the cats don't search for Blacky any more.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


The Hitchhiking Felines--AKA--Cats on the Move!

The cats decided they would not bother walking last night. It was more convienent to travel via Annies back.
Nugs my miracle kitty would do very well in one of those cat backpacks. I saw one once at Pet Smart. I should have bought it then. Because I haven't seen one since. This kitty hitchhiker loves rides.
He takes great pleasure in jumping on my back from the sink while I am rinsing toothpaste out of my mouth. It's that feline king of the mountain thing that Nugs has going all the time. Now Beaker the scared-e-cat would not consider this type of transport without being hoisted up and bodily held there.
They both did, however enjoy the trip from the bedroom to the livingroom! And then back again. A tale not by Bilo Baggins!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


My Cats Will Understand!

I will continue to tell you about my departed friend. She was a shiny black smooth-coated puppy with brown stocking so dark you could only differentiate between black and brown in very bright sunlight at specific angles. She got frequent baths to keep her sparkling. And we gave her raw eggs and fish oil in her food to assist her beautiful hair.

Her health was always good up until her last two years. If I could have afforded cloning I would have had her DNA perserved. I don't know about you folks but finding the right dog isn't very easy.
When Care Bear came along we were looking for a great protector. And we hit the jackpot with our heroine pup! To find those qualities again might be somewhat difficult.

Instinctively she knew what her job was and she did it to profection. The first day we brought her home my daughter took her for a walk and she let the neighbor boy know he was too close. No biting, Care Bear did not bite, she didn't have too. When she spoke everyone listened!

I'd take her hiking most every time I went. I could sit and even nap without fear of harm. Once when I was sitting on a log resting before a steep climb, a couple stopped to talk. They were busy talking and in a jester the man took a step towards me. Care Bears was up between him and me so fast you'd have to run it back in slow motion to have seen her movements. She roared out her diapproval. Don't come any closer was her message. He didn't!

For a few minutes I thought the man might have a heart attack. He was very much frightened.
I quickly explained to them that my puppy was extremely protective. He understood! For thirteen years she protected and loved her family to the best of her abilities.

I will post pictures of my girl on the next blog.

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