Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Cats are Funny


Cats are funny and great to watch. I can sit for extended periods of time just observing how they interact with each other. Beaker the cat is a pet with little varied interests; except for eating, sleeping, and watching birds. This feline was rescued from the Humane Society at 6 months old. He’s a short haired, white cat with black spots whose attitude resembles that of a grumpy old man. Not even our veterinarian likes Beaker! This cat is spoiled!” Dr. Patch yelled, when the feline geriatric patient bit his assistant. Needless to say, all animals whether cat, horse, or gerbil have different attitudes and personalities within their particular species.

Our second cat, who is actually a kitten, his name is Nugget. The cat who likes to pray on top of the armoire! He is by any person’s standards the most loveable cat one could ever want. He’s a tabby cat, tan with brown stripes. His stripes appear to be orange but when in close range you see that in fact they’re brown! Nugget loves everything and seems every person who passes through our door. As you know he was unwanted until my daughter and I took him into our home. The reason he is so special to me relates strongly to the way in which we bottle fed him his first 6 weeks. I guess you could say it was a bonding period. I also cherish him greatly do to his child-like behavior. This is something I have never really seen in other cats. I can’t help chuckling as I envision him sitting upright with his hind legs stretched out before him in child-like fashion!

No animal I’ve ever encountered acts quite like Nugget the cat. His endearing nature is due to the fact that we got him at such an early age and he imprinted with humans instead of cats. I believe this is the reason he tries to imitate our habits instead of a cats. Nugget is highly intelligent. No cat I know of can lower a window with his teeth, but this feline can! He often washed his paws under the faucet in the bathroom. Actually he enjoys water without that cat instinct to flee from it. My next thought is to purchase some literature on how to train cats to perform specific tasks & tricks. Any suggestions? A performing cat he certainly could be. All the antics Nugget displays come naturally to him.

Nugs, as I call him, climbs our 60 foot pine tree in the backyard. He doesn’t do this to ravage the local bird population, no not all. This crazy kitty enjoys sitting on a limb observing the birds & squirrels at close range. The first time Nugs scaled this tree my heart about stopped. He climbed to a branch about 40 feet up, to enjoy the view. After about an hour he began to cry. I spoke to Nugget calmly, telling him he could come down on his own. I told the tree-climbing cat to turn around and come down! He tried it about 2-3 times but the cat was too scared to budge. After about ten minutes of coaxing him…or trying to coax him down I went inside to finish housework. During the kitty crisis, I remained calm knowing hysterics wouldn’t bring him down. I called the emergency animal clinic, but they were no help. Then I called the fire department and was informed they don’t climb trees for cats anymore. The fireman told me to set some food out for him and eventually Nugget would come down. The fireman added, “I’ve seen cats fall over 40 feet and never get hurt.” Oh, ya! Just what I needed to hear about…a cat falling from a tree. After I hung up the phone I said a little prayer for my cat. Then I opened the back door and sat in a chair just waiting. Less than five minutes passed and that lumberjack kitten ran through the door straight to me! He leapt into my lap as if to say, “See ,Mom, I didn’t get hurt!”

I wanted to say thankyou to my first anonymous viewer who left that sweet comment on a previous post...Thanks!


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