Friday, September 29, 2006



Well, nobody likes to be awoken at five o'clock in the morning by a pitiful crying by your best friend. And that best friend only wants you to get up and feed him, only because he has four feet with no hands or fingers. Nugget thought he might try that tacit with me yesterday. So, being the soft touch I am I feed him and Beaker. I guess having a full belly did not satisfy him though. Instead of finding a comfortable place to snooze until daylight as Beaker did he began his verson of " Cry Me A River". I peered over the edge of my bed pointed my left index finger at him and in a more-than-firm tone said, "If you don"t be quiet I am going to buy the largest most powerful squirt gun I can find and hose you down everytime you wake me at five in the morning." Well, that little kitty sat for a few seconds germinating on the disturbance he created. All during my tirad the kitty never took his eyes off me. Suddenly he jumped on the bed, not to say he was sorry, not to ask for forgivness, not even to purr his way out of the fiasco. No, not at all! He instead took a bite out of my left index finger. Not a real bite. Just enough of a nip to say bring on your squirt guns, I'm ready!

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