Wednesday, March 28, 2007


No Cats Today, It's Care Bear!

Hi everyone sorry about the delay in posts. Starting a new business is tremendously time consuming. Well, on with the blog.

As the title implies this post is not about cats or kittens or felines. It is in fact about my departed best friend Kerri. She was the absolute best of best friends. For fourteen years we had her everlasting loyality. No one I know has had a better pet.

Kerri, we called her Care Bear was half Rotweiler and half black lab. We rescued her from the humane society before she was a year old. The attraction was immediate. My daughter saw her but for a second and exclained that one Mom. And the rest was complete love for fourteen wonderful years.

She has been gone for a year now. Her heart, liver, kidneys, and constant infections ended her life on Earth. Still I miss her.

To be continued................

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