Friday, January 05, 2007



Two cats need lots of hugging and when one gets more than the other, the one less cuddled gets depressed. I have learned so much about cats since Nugget became the star in our sky. That's when Beaker began to show signs of depression. The beautiful black and white energetic cat wants as much as Nugget gets. He doesn't usually get as much attention because Nugs is a joy to play with. Yet even more pleasure to hug! The only tiger-kitty I know that hugs back!

Well, the kitten-of-the-house was Beaker before our palm-sized kitty came to us half starved last April. The little golden-red fur ball will be a year-old in four months. Wow!

Well back to the story. Beaker is my daughters kitten. This cat is going on three but he still plays and gets into mischief nearly as often as Nugs. If I go a whole day without doing something special with the playful feline he will pout or spend the entire day on a bed not moving.

The major problem is my daughter and I love holding our energetic cats. And since Nugs is the one who loves it, he gets the most holding! If you hold Beaker to long he will end up scratching you.

I had never known cats to be jealous. However, there just isn't any other explanation for Beakers sudden loss of interest when he has been ignored most of the day. Except for food, of course, he never gets depressed about food! He will play and frolic for hours if he has had twenty or thirty minutes of unshared attention from Annie or me. Mostly from Annie though! The wise little kitty-cat truly loves her. He loses when she is unattentive. I on the other hand love to be entertained by my miracle kitty!

Many times I have thought that a cats intelligence is far greater than any human can understand. That includes all other animals as well. Our concept of animals is horribly crippled. Just because they don't speak human don't make 'em stupid!!!

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