Thursday, November 16, 2006



Well, the bad penny has returned. Last week Hobbie the wayward puppy, the one who hates cats, slipped back into our lives. We found him in the middle of the street. Hater he is of any feline form, kitten or pussy cat. There is no place in his grossly selfish existance for the beauty that is felinedom.

It's amazing to me that this 8 month old pup could be so malvolent. He looks at the kittens with utter hatred. Yet he has not been harmed by anything that we know of to warrant such intensity of feelings. My guess is the dog was born that way. Recalling his first days with us as a 2 month old pooch, he would growl at the kitties when they came near his toys.

Hobbies return to us was not a fun reunion. Firstly, we wondered why they didn't have the guts to bring the dog to the door. The great little family I gave Hobbie to dumped him back on my daughter and me. He looked as if he had been feed well, and I did tell them that if it did not work out, just bring him back. They did! However, he could have been killed out there in the middle of the street.

Happy ending though: we put another ad in the newspaper, the first people who called adopted him. The lady who took him is a dog trainer with a large fenced in backyard. Harrah! The baby kitties are happy once more. That nasty dog, hater of all forms of pussy cat is gone again, this time forever!

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