Friday, October 13, 2006



Yesterday I was busy typing away on my computer when I fortuitously saw Nugget chasing a fly around the bathroom. The kitten has got springs for legs. He was four feet in the air from a standing position on the floor. Missing the fly by just inches the anxious feline began to talk to me not as a cat but as a frustrated little three year old who could not reach his toy on the top shelf. Amazed, I was by his clear announciation. Nugs was talking in syllables! Instead of his normal one syllable whine any time he gets annoyed, the kitty cat high jumper was trying to express to me how he felt. So, I listened intently. I could only understand the sentiment not his language. But that little miracle kitty was speaking a language. The anger and disappointment was obvious. Could it be he was saying, "I missed him by just that much!"

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