Sunday, September 03, 2006


The Refrigerator Pussy Cat

Nugget hiding behind a melon & some grapes!

Nugget the kitten has proven to be the most curious of all pets our family has ever known. His feline intelligence has been enhanced by his exploration of every inch of the house. About the only place he hasn't been on is the ceiling!

Our adventurous kitty loves the bottom shelf of our refrigerator. Rather than scolding him for getting near the food, we recently moved all the food to the upper shelves reserving the bottom for Nugget. He finds the coolest spot, while I dish up his canned cat food. I set his dish on the floor and call his name, Nugget runs from the fridge to his dish.

We remind ourselves, by way of signs--strategically placed, to check the lower shelf before closing the fridge door!

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