Thursday, January 18, 2007



These are just an accumulation of kitty cat and people pitures we took during the Holidays. The young woman in the photo with Beaker is my daughter. She is a college student studying to become a teacher.

Oh, please don't think the parakeet is about to be attacked by the ferious feline. The bird is made of hard plastic and has a battery inside. When you turn it on motion makes it chatter noisily. Doesn't make one sound like a parakeet. But, from a distance it looks real. Nugs and Beaker, cats that they are played with it for maybe three minutes.

Nugget the precocious kitty-cat is playing with his christmas present, teddy bear who has yet to be named.

Beaker is getting a back rub from his personal cat message therapist.

And Nugs the bag-kitty cat has just finished shopping. Beaks the nosy-nelly kitten wants to know why the shopping cat didn't buy his favorite toy--string. Beaks is a little peaved!

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