Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Thank god for talk radio! In our community we have a program called YOUR DAY which airs on PBS at noon everyday. Well, on Wednesday two veteranarians take questions and concerns from caller about their respective pets. So, I must be one of the concerned anxious callers tomorrow. Here's hoping the vets can solve the mystery.

That darn kitten has a sleep depriving pattern going on. Fiesty kitty is not the one deprived of zzzz's. It's me! Invariably as I settle down for a nights rest Nugget begins his rendition of CRY ME A RIVER. I can not figure out what is going through his feline brain. Does he dislike the inactive state I'm in? Very possibly! No crying sound are heard while I am busy working around the house. But the moment I turn the light out and drop to the pillow he starts singing. Or is he afraid of the dark? Not too possible! A light is always left on. Besides how many cats do you know that are afraid of the dark?

I am completely baffled. So, it's off to PBS for some vet advice. If any of you can shed some light on Nuggets habit of not wanting to sleep at night, please comment. Thanks!

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