Saturday, November 25, 2006



Cats are more independent than other pets, we know that just from observation. Why? Why is the feline species less needy? They never seem to want our approval or our acceptance. Not to mention our attention! Cats will do things there own way. They don't respond when they are called unless they want to. Cats repeatedly do things you have asked them not to. Kittens learn it from the mother cat, I guess. That is, until Nugget!

Nuggets imprinting was not completed by way of his birth mother. He adapted to human life via Annie and me. Annie is my daughter. When our miracle kitty blessed our lives he was to young to have fully imprinted with his mother. So, he watched us and did what we did.

Should I hug my beautiful kitten, Nugs nuzzles in an effort to hug back. Not really indulging his feline idiosincracies, he tries to give in return. Cats usually hate being cuddled and giving back isn't what they do best. Beaker demonstrates typical feline behavior. The black and white kitty cat will flee if you approach him with open arms. A quick getaway!

Conversely, Nugget will come running TO ME as soon as I call his name! My kitten meets me at the door with a kitty smile on his cute little face as I arrive home. He displays more doglike qualities then any cat I have ever met.

We had a division of labor in the early days. Annie fed him simulated feline milk with an eye dropper. While I took care of his other comfort needs, like when Beaker got a little to rough in play. My baby kitten came through my livingroom door limping. My response was to yell at Beaker. It didn't take Nugs long to realize I was his surrogate mom. He still scurries to hide behind me if Beaker scares him during their daily combat exercises.

Yet when he desired a feedings, kitty cat cried to Annie, the official baby feeder. And cry, he did, until she picked him up in her left hand and showed him the milk dropper in her right. Nugs definitely understood the routine. He got two excellent mommies to learn from.

Most cats display independent traits, but Nugs wants to belong to us. Our kitty never seem to get enough love, for he's always asking for, and giving more.

I'm not sure I will ever fully understand feline behavior. However, I will always be intune to what makes my kitten tick!

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