Thursday, December 28, 2006



SORRY FOR the long delay in getting back to the blog, but a vacation was needed for me. So, I chose to cruise the Caribbean from Ft Lauderdale to the little known Island group call the Grand Turks.

Of the fourIslands we ported at the Dominican Republic was the most awesome! I have vistited many different islands of the Antilles and DR is the most spectacular. I have decided to fly back to DR for a week or so just to have the opportunity to see the entire island.

I booked with Holland America cruise lines and immediately felt like an infant. The median age of most of the passenger was about 65 or 70, not much fun! I met one woman who looked to be about 75 or 80 who was taking her 36th cruise. Lordie she must have gone on every cruise at least twice. The only interesting thing about her was the fact that she had three wonderful pussy cats waitning for her at home.

Thank goodness I went cruisin' for the rest and not the company. For I surely got alot of rest! I might have gotten more relaxtion in if my feline friends could have come along. Maybe not though, the thought of my baby kitties falling into the deep blue sea is to unbearable! So, kitty cats were better off safe at home.

My dear darling kitty cat Nugget missed me while I was away. He was quite angry at me that for the first few minutes he would not look at me or jump in my lap. But miracle kitty could not resist after about an hour. He loves the hugs his mommy gives.

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