Friday, February 23, 2007



Well, I thought perhaps the kitties needed a new toy. I bought it along with a new brush for eliminating loose hair and softening their coats, it works really well! Beaks loves the new brush but Nugs freaks out. I guess my miracle kitty thinks taking baths is coat-care enough.

Anyway back to the new kitten ball. It is a pretty blue ball with a mechanism inside to make it move. Attached on a plastic string is a small gray mouse about 2 inches long. The ball which is four inches in diameter runs on a battery pulling the mouse around for the kitties to chase.

When the kitten ball bumps into something it goes in the opposite direction. Fun as it is for the cats. They mutulated the mouse in approximately 30 minutes. The little gray mouse has more saliva on it than the Ghoster Busters after getting slimed. Poor wet little thing!

Now all cat fun revolves around the kitten ball pulling a plastic string with nothing connected. Needless to say the cats find very little excitment in chasing the pretty blue kitten ball. Great idea for a toy but not very resilent.

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