Thursday, July 05, 2007


Not Holiday Kitty Cats!!

Sorry gang for not getting the blogging done. Once again I must reinerate that starting a new business takes much much work.

However, our kitties are getting into as much mischief as they did in the winter. Only they are doing it considerably slower. The degrees has been in the middle 90's so miracle kitties stay indoors mostly.

The cats were nearly given heart attacks during the 4th of July celebration. In our state it is legal to buy and explode firecrackers. And our neighbors went crazy with them.

The kitties spent the entire holiday under the bed. Cats are so terribly senitive to loud sounds. Even the newest member of our family RJ the rug rat dog cried and shook with fear.

Honestly, the loud abrasive noises upset me to. Celebrate they will anyway. But, I like the quiet just like my kitties.

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