Friday, October 20, 2006



In our first post Nugget and I told you how he came to be a member of the family. That was, to be exact the ninth of April of this year. Nugget the infant kitten was barely four weeks old. My daughter and I feed him with an eye dropper and kitten formula from Pet Smart until he could chew kitten food.

Well, I guess the entire neighborhood must have found out how we rescued Nugs from certain death. Because not more than ten days later Hobby, (the puppy mentioned in one of the first posts) the boxer/chow mix two-month- old, was quietly dumped into our fenced backyard. Shortly after he arrived we gave him too my daughters friend who had a dog and cat living in a large fenced yard.

The young man clearly enjoyed the now eight month-old doggie. But, my daughter learned two days ago he was not feeding the dog regularly. Hobbie looked like he had been living on the street from garbage can to garbage can. We were both so angry that we loaded up the puppy into our van, needless to say he is in our backyard again. Therefore, we are trying to find the RIGHT HOME this time.

All of the before-mentioned is just leading up to the subject of this post. Last evening I brought Hobbie into the kitchen for his second meal. Nugget being his curious trusting self jumped over the childs gate separating the kitchen from the den to say hi. Well, I am telling you that raggy dog attacked my miracle kitty with the gravest of feriousity. I grabbed my fly swatter and blasted Hobbies nose. The attacker backed away from my baby and I poped him again to let him know his behavior was not acceptable in our home.

Nugs was a true hero though, he stood his ground not giving an inch. When the threat was over he went to his hiding spot for sweet kitty was quit shaken. After about ten minutes he reappeared ready to resume his play. I checked my miracle kitty for injuries then hugged him extra much. The kittens fear was his only injury. We will have no more of that......... puppy stays outside!

We live in an area two hours from Atlanta, Ga and less than two hour from Charlotte, NC. If any one out in blogland wants a beautiful pup who will be a great watch dog and friend for one person, please send me your email. Hobbie is a one person dog. He will not be fit for a family situation nor to be among other pets. He has had all his shots, also heartworm testing and other worm tests. The puppy has been treated for fleas. I will post photos of him on the next blog.

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