Thursday, April 26, 2007


The Hitchhiking Felines--AKA--Cats on the Move!

The cats decided they would not bother walking last night. It was more convienent to travel via Annies back.
Nugs my miracle kitty would do very well in one of those cat backpacks. I saw one once at Pet Smart. I should have bought it then. Because I haven't seen one since. This kitty hitchhiker loves rides.
He takes great pleasure in jumping on my back from the sink while I am rinsing toothpaste out of my mouth. It's that feline king of the mountain thing that Nugs has going all the time. Now Beaker the scared-e-cat would not consider this type of transport without being hoisted up and bodily held there.
They both did, however enjoy the trip from the bedroom to the livingroom! And then back again. A tale not by Bilo Baggins!

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