Saturday, October 21, 2006



Hobbie is 8 months old. He is
a cross between boxer and chow. His weight is around 20 lbs. His hair is all boxer, very short and does not shed much. For a young dog he does extremely well on a leash. My daughter and I took him walking at a local college, his behavior was admiral for a puppy. If anyone is interested in adopting Hobbie you can email me at As I reported in my post of 10/20/06 Hobbie has a problem getting along with other animals. He seems not to like them. I am sure the right person could teach him, but I advise those interested, to consider that Hobbie is a one person dog. I don't know how he would react to children, but I would advise against making him a family pet. His heart is good towards adults.



This is Hobbie in our backyard getting ready to play. Promised photos from post 10/20/06


CATS, CATS, CATS.........

The kitten has been especially squirrelly in the last few days so I limited his intake of canned cat food. Now he is serine and semi quiet.

Tranquil kitty needs to curl up in small spaces. It is fun to watch and capture on film. I thought the habit was rather general in the feline poulation. However, Beaker perfers spreading out on a soft open place. Nugs will find an enclosed area where he has barely enough room to breathe. This box is only about 15" by 10" and 4" deep.

I found Nugget rumbling with my daughters weights the other day. Unfortuntely the best shots were on my way the fetch the camera!



Nugget has decided to get his workout in early while Beaker is just contemplating moving. Beaker looks away hoping the weight will just roll out the door. That way he can find a spot on a warm bed, curl up and snooze. Now Nugs enjoys his exersise program. For a cat he is a lite sleeper who perfers activity to snoring. Go Nugs! 1-2-3-4, and ah 1-2-3-4..........

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