Sunday, October 08, 2006


The Brawl!



Nugget has taken on a job. His burden role is to hide his new toy. You know the kind with the stick handle about eighteen inches long equipped with a string and feathers at the end. I wave it over his head while he tires himself catching and releasing it. Well, after we are done playing he goes to work desperately searching for a hiding place for his new toy, which he thinks is a real flying captured prey. At this very moment he is tugging it up the side of a table. Taking time only to pant and wonder why the stick is getting caught under the table edge. After a minute or so Nugget considers the fultility of his actions. It is dropped at the base of the table. The sweaties kitty leaves his treasured possession on the way to his food dish. Until another go round with the bird on a string will the hard working kitten take up the search again.

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