Sunday, February 11, 2007



Nugget, the cat that sometimes isn't, has developed some very humanlike habits. For all of you cat bloggers out there who know a little about Nugs' beginning, you' know his imprinting was not all feline a portion was human induced. An aminal he certainly is, but this kitty cat thinks himself a person.

I took this photo while Nugs was waiting for his turn to use the sink in my bathroom. Clean-kitty-cat washes his paws after he uses the litterbox. Honest to God truth! When he first did it I was sure it was a coincident, but the childlike kitty proved me wrong. He's been washing his paws for nearly a year now.

We also, find him sitting pretty much like this all around the house. The feline usually parks his kitty toto right in the middle of the living room. That way he never misses any of the activities, cat or human. Any thing that happens in our house Nugs has to be at the center where the action is!

Our wonderful miracle kitties childlike qualities adds to his loveability. Or maybe he's a loveable child posing as a kitten? Wow! That sure is some disquise, Nugs!

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