Wednesday, May 09, 2007


OH, MY Gosh Another Dog--the CATS are Frantic!!

Just when you thought the canines were out of the picture another comes into cat territory. Poor baby kitties they must share once again with a pesky pup!

Nugs my miracle kitten is the most gentle kitty around. He refuses to scratch that ratty dog. Even when the black minature pole-cat runs over the top of him. Chasing kitties from one end of the house and yard and back again. Now, Beaks growls like a much larger feline, and will make the over-sized rodent scream from kitty scratches. But, the pup is not daunted or dissuaded from going back for more!

If RJ, that's the pups name, would play more catlike instead of bowling down on them like a bull moose in ruting seaon. My baby kittens would learn to love him. He is much to frisky and hands-on for kitties. And unfortunately for the cats he going to stay.

He is not a harmful pup. But, at 6 months old he is all play. Rather rough play at that!

wes tagged you fur a meme called 7 Random Facts. go to owr blog fur rules. you list 7 random facts and tag 7 kitties and then go to their blog and tell them bowt it.

Rj luks like a dogy me. Im a tuxie kitty with white feets. not paws but feets, justy my toes really. 1 of owr woofers is named JD for Just Dog....Stevie
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