Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Spiders Beware Here Come the CATS!

A few weeks ago we found this little black spider hanging around the house. After a day or so he was still living and it seemed as if he was enjoying his time as a kitchen spider. In the morning I would find him ambling along the wall near the stove.
I guess it bothered Annie because one day after coming in from work I found Blacky the spider trapped in a jar. So I took the lid off to let him out. And that's when Beaks the not so scared-e-cat -of spiders decided to take a look in the jar. Not being satisfied just watching he dropped the glass on it's side. The braved kitty cat tried in vain to extract Blacky the kitchen Spider. from that glass jar.
If you look real closely at the top right picture the black spot on the floor is Blacky. Nugs is just observing from his sctachin post. Then after thinking it over for a minute or two kitty rushes to cut Blacky off at the pass. But alash the frisky feline is not quick enough.
So, fascinated are the two kittens that they just let Blacky run those eight tiny legs off to cover. He made it to the refrig while the cats sniffed and danced around the kitchen for another 20 minutes trying to flush out the moouching arachnid. Blacky must have found a way back outside becuase he vanished. Along with his memory, the cats don't search for Blacky any more.

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